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    I am putting together the landing page, and having an issue using static page and featured content.

    I have just one introduction section I created on a static page that I would like to use, but when I apply this, all of the featured content becomes that static page content.
    I really want to use the static page for the one text area section, because creating feature content with the plugin doesn’t have the formatting that I want.

    How can I use static Page and still use Feature Icon boxes with their own content?

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    The issue leads me to believe you are using a content builder to create the content for that particular static page. Some content builders do not check and are not aware of the theme’s additional functionality (like the various landing page sections) and apply their filters too broadly, affecting the content of these sections.
    Unfortunately, the only solution for this is to use a static page that’s not built using a builder on the landing page or not include a static page at all.

    We’ve only recently started to receive reports about such behaviour (even though we’ve seen builder used together with the landing page successfully in the past). Could you tell us which builder plugin you are using and what version?

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