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    I sent in a priority support email but have not heard back. Not even an autoresponse.

    There seems to be issues with the plus templates.
    1. There is no blog with intro template at all.

    2. The Portfolio template does not work with or without Jetpak.
    No matter page template I use — the default, the portfolio, the blank. when you go to that page — it brings me to the home page. https://dariusdesign.com/portfolio

    3. The About Us template does not seem to work either.

    I need to get these working ASAP.

    Hope someone here can answer why this happening.

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    1. Kahuna Plus includes a template simply called Blog which can be used to create a clone of the standard blog section. If the page assigned this template has any text entered in the editor, this text will be displayed as an intro on that section, before the regular posts list.

    2. The empty page found at the provided link is not using any particular page template. Double-check that there is indeed a template assigned to it and/or try creating an additional test page and assign the template to (to rule out some kind of slug overlapping).

    3. If the behaviour is the same as #2, then the cause is probably the same.

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