Just started using this theme and have a few questions.

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    I really like the theme and hope I can make this work.

    1. So, I am trying to show all of my posts on the home page, but somehow it’s missing the earlier posts. If I just choose to show latest posts instead of static page, it does show all of the posts by adding the page numbers at the bottom. However, if I choose to use static page and also show the posts, it does not have the page numbers at the bottom and it does not show all of my posts. How can I have all of them?

    2. Another question is, is there any way I can set the grids for the same size? I want it to look very organized and same height / width. Is that possible?

    3. Is there any way to show ads as one of the grids? Like I can make the ads at the same size as those grids so they ads blends in with the grids?

    4. What is the best way to have good SEO with this theme? Any recommendation on how to or a plug-in?

    Thank you very much in advance!!

    Website: www.byairmail.net



    I have another question. On tablet and mobile sizes, the side bar comes at the top and it looks very bad. How can I make changes only to those sizes? If I click on the tablet and mobile icon and make changes there, it changes the design of the desktop size version as well. Can I make changes on each sizes separately without changing the other sizes?


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