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    I am seeing a problem with our Search not working. I too have created a child theme that worked before the last update. How do I find and older version of Kahuna – say 1.2.0 so I can download that, upload it in our DEV environment and see if that fixes things. The only reason I developed the child theme is because of layout problems with Customizer. Our business owner tried to add a banner and extra images were being included behind the banner he added. We also had problems adding a logo and extra footer content. And then there is the whole duplicate <h1> issue, which is not good for SEO.

    Is there a link to downloading previous versions of Kahuna? I understand I’ll either have to figure out how my child theme is busted so I can fix it – because using Kahuna alone creates too many problems.



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    The simplest way to revert to an older version is to use the WP Rollback plugin.

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    Hi again. I know it’s been a while since I last wrote. We reverted the Kahuna theme but later chose to update the theme and deal with the issue surrounding the search. I wanted the main nav/search floated to the right side of the header but it only goes halfway. I added a position: absolute; and right: 0; to the #access id in the child theme stylesheet but that breaks how the search works. When I click on the search icon to open the search input – the page reloads and I am unable to use the search.


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