Issues in removing powered by WordPress

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    I am having errors in removing powered by WordPress. Anyone let me know how to do this? If I use plugin to remove powered by WordPress then it is secure as I have seen in the article that through plugins we can remove powered by WordPress.

    Cryout Creations Team

    Robots have many means of detecting a WordPress site (usually simply just try things) and almost never rely on the footer signature for detection.

    Even the article you indicated states this:

    Here are other reasons that may convince you not to use obfuscation to secure your WordPress website:

    • Malicious robots don’t consider the version of WordPress.
    • There are many ways to know that you are using WordPress.
    • Any hacker able to access your website will eventually find information that you forgot to hide.
    • If obfuscation was the solution, we would have no version of the products available on the market.

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