Issue with the website link and Instagram/Pinterest.

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    Hey, I have an issue with my website link and Instagram/Pinterest.

    Whenever I create a post I add a featured image to it. It appears in the header of my website. I use the Roseta theme. It works fine when I visit the website through the link on social medias (bio on Instagram) using my laptop, but on the mobile version when I click on the link, it redirects me to my website but featured image in the header doesn’t show up. Instead, there’s an empty grey background.

    Do you know how to resolve this problem?

    Website is

    Thank you.



    I have the same problem. It must be a bug in the theme. I am using Esotera. Same exact problem. The featured image doesn’t show in the header when the link is clicked in social media apps on a mobile device. It shows on all other browsers and platforms as far as I know. It does not show the image if you click from instagram, facebook, pinterest, from mobile on their in app browser.

    UPDATE: I tried it from an android device and it worked fine. It seems to be a problem only from the apps in iOS.

    Its a big issue for me, since this will be a blog site and most people will click from social media posts on their phone.

    Please lmk if you found a solution!


    Cryout Creations Team

    Are both of you using iPhone or iPad?

    The theme uses browser detection to ensure some styling is adjusted for a rendering issues we have observed with the Safari browser.

    If you’re browsing the site through an app then the browser signature can be different and the theme does not detect that as being Safari (although all web rendering on iPhones/iPads is done with Safari’s engine) resulting in the rendering issue no longer being avoided.

    We’ll look into this to see if we can extend the detection functionality.

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