issue with setting page on text area 3 or 4 – v1.3.4

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    When setting text area 3 or 4 to one of the pages – instaed of showing the page , it shows the older of my “recent posts” shown on landing page.
    If I set the same page for text area 1 or 2 – it works fine.
    Working on Fluida Theme v1.3.4

    Specifically : I want to set to text area 3 teh following page :


    But I get instead the post :

    סופ"ש קייצי בזקופנה: נופים, אוכל, טיולים, וקורטוב היסטוריה

    (this is the low right post in my site)

    As a workaround I nwo set the page to text are 1 – but I don’t like the way the page looks.

    ANy advice is apreciated.



    Cryout Creations Team

    Between text areas 3 and 4 the theme normally displays a posts list on its landing page feature (which can be disabled from the theme’s options).

    I don’t see any of the text areas currently being used on the site.

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    Hi Zed,
    Because of the bug I disabled the test area contect.
    I can enable it and send you some screen shots, or any other information if you guide me.


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