Issue with latest Update (1.0.4)

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    I am using the Serious slider with the Nirvana theme on the Presentation page.

    See here:

    As you can see there is a fine light grey line a few pixels below the slider since the update to version 1.0.4 today.

    Also, but this Bug has been there since the new Firefox-Version came out: The slider animation does not play correctly. I am using slide as transition effect. The effect looks correct in Chrome Browser. But in Firefox the new Slide does not “slide in” but just pops in when the delay time runs out.

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    After releasing updates, do yo check back here for feedback or are there other channels to report these kind of bugs?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The line under the slider issue is fixed in 1.0.5.
    We are aware of animation issues with latest Firefox releases and are looking into it.

    We do read all the forum topics, but we don’t do this daily.

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