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    since the last version of Kahula, a call to isInViewport has been added to frontend.js

    But this function isn’t defined :

    frontend.js?ver=1.6.2:532 Uncaught ReferenceError: isInViewport is not defined
    at Object.scrollIfAnchor (frontend.js?ver=1.6.2:532)
    at Object.delegateAnchors (frontend.js?ver=1.6.2:556)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.i (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
    at HTMLBodyElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)
    at HTMLBodyElement.v.handle (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:2)

    I’ve tryed to donwload again and upload kahula theme, no success.

    do I need to manually update Jquery or other ?

    (Kahula v1.6.2 on OVH mutualized servers, PHP v7.4 – website not online yet)

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