Internet Explorer showing pages at max width on first page load

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    Hi Zed,
    Love the form and have now almost finished the site with it. Thank you for creating such as lovely piece of work.

    I just noticed an issue on Internet Explorer (10, latest revision) whereby on page load for the first time for each page, it seems to go into “mobile CSS” setting and it stretches the page to full browser width, and the menu appears as the drop down list as it would appear on a small mobile device (iPhone for example).

    Upon doing a page refresh it all loads back OK in its boxed format (as it does in all other browsers OK). It does this on all pages, including the home page.

    Can you help me understand why this behavior in IE only (other than the fact that IE is crap?)

    Many thanks for your help and wonderful work!



    HI Zed, I should aslo add that the link behimnd “Email Us” on top right of page (header) does not seem to work in any browser except IE… I cannot figure this one either… is there something in the template that could be affecting this simple, basic HTML statement?

    Thanks! Marc

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    We can’t reproduce this issue on our test servers.
    Try and see if this occurs on a clean install of the theme.

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