Inserting "Page Break" breaks the Theme

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    Hello Zed and others

    Whenever I insert a page break, manually or through a plugin, the theme starts behaving erratically. All the sidebar contents move to the bottom and the page looks awkward.

    Also in the sidebar widgets, it is not possible to center any image or interactive widget like amazon banners.

    I liking the theme and if these problems persist then I will have to move to some other theme.

    Hoping for a quick reply



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    How are you inserting the pagebreak? Do you have a page/post on your site exhibiting this problem?

    Widgets content can be centered using custom styling (specific to each widget type).

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.

    Well, currently I have moved on to a new theme. So showing you an example will not be possible.

    I was inserting the page break with the standard “nextpage” code through the text editor and with a plugin.

    I also faced the problem of slow loading times. So I moved.


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