Increasing posts shown in Magazine layout?

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    I’ve checked the forums here for the same problem and (as far as I can see) enabled all the appropriate settings in Parabola but am unable to work out what I’ve missed & hope you can point me to the options(s) needed?

    I’m trying to get more than 5 posts displayed in the 2 columns that Magazine view allows as well as having a continuous scroll rather than the “click on page 2 to proceed” type links at the bottom.

    I’ve attached a screen shot below that helps explain the problem better.

    Can anyone assist here?




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    I’m guessing this isn’t possible using Parabola. Anyone know of an alternative (paid or free) that does allows these options? Thanks.

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    The number of posts per page is a configurable WordPress option:

    Replacing the pagination with a continuous load-on-scroll is not built-in functionality for any of our themes.

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.
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    Thanks for that; I’d always misunderstood the purpose of that WordPress option, so appreciate the pointer.

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