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    Hello, I’d like to suggest to include the possibility to add more than the currently maximum number of 5 social media links. Would be absolutely awesome! Thank you and best regards, Bernhard


    concurred. I would really like to see more custumization with the social icons. It would be great if I could squeeze a couple of extra icons in.


    I would love to be able to use more social media links too – and I would also love for there to be a way to add custom icons (through the gui) if there wasn’t already a suitable one there (ie, just click to add a new icon).


    Because there are 3 inquiries here with no response, I think I might be wasting my time asking about it yet again … but I would like to add some items that are NOT in your list. How do I do that? I can find their little icons, but I find no way of implementing them.

    For the most part, this theme is excellent, but there are some slightly minor issues that make it a real pain sometimes. The selection of available social media is one of them.

    Thanks for your attention to this question and for letting us ALL know how to move forward with our social media links using your theme(s).


    I would also like to have an option for more than 5 social media links. Love this theme!


    I love this theme but would also like to have an option for more than 5 social media links. 6 or 7 would be a great start.

    Sandra Stokmans

    I also would really like to have an option to include more than 5 social media icons/links!

    Hope to hear from you!

    Stile Teckel

    +1 – I just added my last one and know of one more off the top of my head I will need.

    I think you could add 3-5 on the current row, and make a second row underneath the existing row, without affecting the layout (could be wrong). That’s 6-10 more.

    Thank you in advance for any consideration on whatever you are able to do. Great theme.

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