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    Hi team!

    First of all thanks for the theme as it works very nice and I had no issues creating my perfect blog. Big effort your side to enable all of us blogging!

    I am using the Fluida Theme and I notice my media (pictures) are not loading in my posts (only the captions), please see an example post below:


    The first picture is present and the rest is not loading – every picture was uploaded the same way ( I tried both an upload plugin and through WordPress). I also tried disabling/enabling all plugins etc. still no luck.

    I’m not too good with CSS so it was hard for me to read the code, tried to read the forums but didn’t see anyone with a similar issue. One thing that came to my mind could be the size of the pictures (originally 4000x6000pixels around 10mb, I will try to downsize them).

    Altough the picture should load no matter the size (and the first one actually does!)

    Thanks for a prompt reply!



    Cryout Creations Team

    The images appear loading fine now so either you resolved the issue or the problem could be with your browser/device or connection.

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