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    Hi, guys

    I just found your theme and try it. Good functionality, powerful and has huge features. But, it seems you blend your own code and code from other theme like twenty ten/eleven. It doesn’t matter to reduce time developing theme. But off course, it should be modified. Take ‘as is’ will cause slightly bad result. For example:
    At single post, position tag list is not in right position. It’s too left.
    At attachment page, meta data come with different code with other page. It’s not look so good.
    Previous and next article link at single post look too small, so does with breadcumb.
    Other problems I found it to customize, it seems need adding feature. Here are the list I’ve listed:
    Text color rule for content also run for navigation, sidebar and footer. It will be better if each these areas have its own rule.
    Text color hover for navigation is the same with text link color non hover for content. It’s look strange.
    Remove default color for footer, so it’s possible to design footer without color if a site has good background.
    It’s better if it has widget at header and under header if a site needs to add something at these areas.
    Slideshow at presentation page runs very slowly
    I’ve checked with different browser. It runs well for firefox and chrome, but less good at internet explorer.
    That’s all.

    Kind regards,


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