How to use a Google font – Hint: CSS isn't doing it

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    I am trying to use Amatic SC in my site, but the CSS call for it isn’t working (I’ve checked the syntax, spelling, etc…)

    It’s not the only time I have run into a font issue… but this time it is important enough to track down.


    p.s. Hey Admin and Zed: Disregard the question I sent to you on the contact form. I figured out how to make a new topic! 🙂

    Cryout Creations Team

    As I have mentioned in my email answer, the theme supports the suggested Google fonts from the bundled fonts list or all other Google fonts through the use of the custom font identifier field. The selected fonts will then be used on the appropriate elements.
    Using any other Google fonts (via custom styling or otherwise), will require that you embed those fonts to the site yourself (manually or through a plugin).

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