How to upload featured image so that the correct part of the image shows up

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    I originally posted this as a reply to someone else’s post, but I’m having additional trouble with featured images now so I figured I should make my own post.

    The first question I had was if there is a way to select which part of the image is centered when used as the featured image (being used as a page header)? So far I’ve only been able to do this by cropping the image to be skinnier, but this often requires uploading the image with different cropping 5 or 10 times before I get the part of the image I want showing in the featured image header on each page.

    Complicating matters now is that I spent about three hours getting all of the featured image headers exactly how I wanted them in Chrome, but the images appear to be cropped differently when viewing the site in Firefox and Safari. Firefox is similar to Chrome, just off a bit, but Safari shows an entirely different part of the image.

    Here’s a comparison between what I see in Safari vs. Chrome (incognito window so the WordPress admin header isn’t interfering):

    I’d love to know if there’s a way to control precisely what part of the image appears in these headers on at least each of the three main browsers. Would also love to know this for mobile, too, but that appears to show more of the image at least.


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