How to update when I have a Child Theme?

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    Elaine Lucia

    Hi there,

    I created a Child Theme for this site:

    And I see you have an update to the core Nirvana Theme.

    In my Dashboard/Appearance/Themes, my Child Theme is activated. And then, there is also a version of the core Nirvana theme.

    I’d like to up update my Child Theme?, but don’t know how. Please advise?

    thanks much, LOVE the theme!


    the child is to be updated after an update of the core theme?

    Grodan Boll

    you can only update the core theme. the child theme you have to update by yourself. and keep track of what has been updated in the core theme.
    check what files have been updated in the core theme and then check if you have updated none om them and if you have that file in your childtheme then you have to compare the files to find out what is new in the files.

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