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    How can I remove the line in the footer that appears between the “copyright text/line” of my website and the text “Powered by Bravada & WordPress”

    Also how can I remove the standard line height formatting? When I create a page the text doesn’t appear right at the top, there is a big space at the top and I would like to remove it if possible.

    I also notice when I create text lines with different heading styles. For example on one page I have my name in h4 style and right underneath I have my title in p style and the gap between the lines is too big and I can’t change it! (See the ‘About Us’ page, here’s the link:

    I’ve been trying for hours and hours and can’t figure out how to change any of the above… Can you please help??

    Thank you!



    I have the same problem. I have been watching different tutorials online, none of them resolve this issue in the Bravada theme.

    Please help us.


    I’m using the Bravada Theme and it is the standard footer for the theme. It is a line that is there that separates the copyright wording I created and the usual “powered by Bravada theme / wordpress” wordiing.

    I managed to figure out a way to remove the “powered by Bravada theme” wording by deleting certain lines in the footer.php (though I confess it’s not the best way, as I have to do it each time there’s a wordpress update – but I couldn’t figure out another way… if you had any suggestions, I’d be very grateful!).

    I can’t attach a screenshot of it here, but my website is: (you’ll see the line at the bottom of the footer).

    Any assistance would be very greatly appreciated!



    Been there (for hours), done … this. It’s a sneaky line.

    .footer-inside::before {
    display: none;

    Do the same for #footer-bottom if you want to remove the “powered by …” area. Maybe it removes other stuff too – I don’t know, I want my footer clean and this works for me. So, in all:

    #footer-bottom, .footer-inside::before {
    display: none;


    That coding worked, the footer line is gone!
    Thank you so much 😊


    Awesome, thanks hos123

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