How to remove site title in Blogs header?

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    When clicking Blogs from main header it redirects to the Blogs page and I see the list of my posts. When I’m in that page, in the header I see as title my site name instead of Blogs. How can I configure the title to be displayed there? I haven’t found a setting to change this.




    I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Any clue is appreciate it!


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    The blog section uses the title entered for the static page which is assigned as the blog page.

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    I’m obtaining a different behavior. I have a page named Blog and it is set as the blog page. In the header menu the value that is shown for that page is Blog => ok but when I click Blog value in the header menu, the title which is shown in the header title is not Blog is the name of my site. All my posts are listed but the header title is not Blog, it is my site name.

    How can I set the header title as Blog when clicking my blog page?

    Thanks for your help!

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