How To Remove Bullet Point Graphic From Pros/Cons Plugin?

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    I use a plugin to show the pros and cons of specific products but when I use the short codes that the plugin uses (it’s called i2 Pros and Cons) it will show Mantra’s bullet point icons along with the icons that i2 Pros and Cons use and I cannot remove the icons from the plugin.

    Is there a way in the theme editor or Mantra settings where I can remove the bullet points from showing up while this plugin is being used? Or is there a way to remove the Mantra bullet points all together, keeping a default bullet point style?

    I have tinkered around a little bit with list-style lines in the css files along with trying to remove the bullet graphic line of code in the style but no dice. Would love some input!

    Thank you!

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The theme’s bullets can be controlled (and disabled) site-wide from its settings.
    If you only want to disable the bullets on specific content that can be done with custom styling.
    To provide you with the needed CSS I would need to browse the site where these double bullets are visible.

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