How to put a youtube video on the presentation page ?

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    For exemple in the Second text,I try with the norma html code and with the plugin Smart Youtube Video Pro but nothing works.
    An idea ?
    Thank you in advance
    Maël, French

    Mr Fair Go

    This shortcode works perfectly well in a post [youtube dsh3lHFlXDo?rel=0]

    It does not work on the Presentation page, despite the help “?” icon mouseover popup saying that shortcodes work.



    Mr Fair Go

    Andrew Dishes

    I use the same theme on one of my websites. The Youtube shortcode didn’t work for me as well. So I I installed a plugin called Youtube shortcode. I created a new page, created the YouTube Code with the Youtube Button in the editor and copied this code to the presentation page.

    I prefer to use this plugin because you can customize a lot of options. I hope you can get it to work this way.

    Checkout for an example.


    Hi, via Youtube shortcode it works for me. Can anyone help me to center the video on my page?

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