How to get rid of white blocks in blogmessages ?

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    Angèl Gelauf


    I’d really like to have the same background colour everywhere so in reaction on blog all writing is coming in white blocks.. in other themes you can manage to change that.. but not in this one.. is there a solution? Thnx so much..

    I got an answer through FB and I will try that.. but all in html, and I know that after an update all is still turned back as it is now.. Is there a way to make this available to change it? Thnx Angèl

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Mantra was not created with dark backgrounds in mind, it doesn’t have built-in options for changing absolutely all colours and we never got around to adding such options.

    But it CAN be completely customized with custom CSS.  You just need to use a developer tool like Firebug to inspect the content of the website and figure out which areas you need to change colours to.

    Or tell us a bit more clearly (with page name and area content/description) what you are trying to change.

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