how to get rid of the item number on the presentation page

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    Hello !
    I want to get rid of the post number on the presentation page, below the newest post on the botom of presentation page, that allow to go to page 2,3,4…. of posts.
    Thank’s a lot for your help !


    Hi Pascal
    I am assuming you’re talking about the pagination numbers. Try Appearance> Tempera Settings> Graphics Settings> Pagination> disable

    I hope that helps.

    ~ Wayfarer


    Fantastic !!!
    Thank’s a lot !!!!!
    I have searched for such a long time !
    Great regards Wayfarer !
    Could I ask you one more question ?
    On the main presentation page, below the slider, I have 3 pictures linked to 3 pages, with a title on top. To be able to clic to fellow the link, I have to clic on the title, or to have the mouse
    on the picture and then a text appears and then only I can clic on the text at the end of it “click here to read more”. I would like to be abble to clic anywhere on the picture, is it possible ?
    Thank’s a lot in advance !


    I am glad it resolved your problem!

    Your second question is far beyond my basic capabilities I am afraid, but there is a thread devoted to it:

    Good luck with it 🙂

    ~ Wayfarer


    Ok, thank’s a lot again !

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