How to fix the featured image size displayed on the home page

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    Hello! I’ve read a few posts on this topic but haven’t seen an answer.

    I set featured images for some posts, have regenerated the thumbnails, and still the “contained” setting for featured images provides a rather unfortunate narrow cropping of my image. I tried changing it to the “cropped” setting instead of “contained” but that was even worse because my images are rather large (I like the high resolution). Any suggestions?




    I am having the some problem. I added feature images to some posts the other day and they look perfect. The one I added today is getting cropped. I have increased the Max Featured Image Height in customizing-Post information-featured image and it is not changing at all.

    Please advise??


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    If you’ve noticed this behaviour in Chrome (or other Webkit based browsers, like Safari), please make sure to updated to the latest 1.1.0 release. Let us know if you’re still seeing such behaviour with this theme version.

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