How to disable column movement on presentation page

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    Hi All,

    I finally got my home page started up with columns showing the posts I want. However, the columns jiggle back and forth! This is not at all like the demo showed and very disconcerting. They start off crooked, and when you mouse over them, they wiggle.

    I did not see a setting for this under Appearance >> Themes >> Nirvana Settings >> Presentation page

    Just number of columns and type of columns. I’d appreciate any assistance in turning this feature off. (I did look in the forum first, but I might not be using the right key words. Not sure what this is called, since I’ve never seen it on a site before.)


    Appearance -> Nirvana Settings -> Presentation Page -> Columns -> Photo Frames -> Uncheck Enable box

    Suggestion: Play around with the settings. This is how I have made many adjustments.

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