How to define the scaling of featured images?

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    when defining featured images in a post, on my landing page they appear to scale more or less randomly. A 1000x700px picture takes up all the available space for the featured image, while a 1000x800px picture displays with a cropped bottom and large grey bars on the sides a different 300x100px image displays tiny when I preview for a laptop screen but fills out the whole box (as expected) when I look at it in the preview for Tablet or Phone.

    Why is this happening and how do I set it up to always use the available space?
    You can find examples here:



    I have the same issue as yours
    I ran the force regenerate thumbnails and the situation is even worse.
    I endup with bars on the side of my images



    I manage to find a solution to this behavior.
    Goto Customizing ▸ Post Information >Featured Image

    Change “Featured Image Behaviour” to “Cropped”

    Adjust the height of the image at “Featured Image Height”

    I found out that while having the “Featured Image Behaviour” to “Responsive”
    the image size doesn’t expand beyond 180 px



    thanks for that. I played around with those options before but never ended up with that combination.
    It does look a lot nicer now. It doesn’t really behave as I would expect it though.
    Obviously when setting it up to “cropped” it crops the images although I would expect it to just expanded until it reaches a defined height or width.

    Again, it certainly looks a lot better, thanks!

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