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    just purchased the pro version and am looking for a way to edit the colors of the icon-blocks (symbol and title (background) and the boxes (background) ? what adjustments in css do i need to do ? tried to figure out the classes but cannot find the right setting, i guess.

    Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

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    The landing page sections’ backgrounds are configurable through the theme’s color options.

    For the CSS tweaking, try the following CSS (the identifiers are relatively self-explanatory):

    [.lp-blocks#] .lp-block .lp-block-icon { } 
    [.lp-blocks#] .lp-block .lp-block-title { }
    [.lp-blocks#] .lp-block .lp-block-text { }

    and [.lp-boxes-#] .lp-box .lp-box-inside { } for the entire box element (image and text) or [.lp-boxes-#] .lp-box .lp-box-content { } for just the part holding the text.

    Include the identifiers encased in square brackets to target individual block or box section (and replace # with the appropriate number), or remove that part to apply to all similar sections.

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