How to create full-width landing page image/slider

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    I’ve tried a few different Cryout Creations themes now and am having the hardest time getting a slider image/static image to appear on the landing page—for Fluida, specifically. I see that the theme uses the Front Page page for the landing page, but when I add an image to that page it just shows up on the landing page as though it’s a regular page.

    I don’t see any documentation that explains how to get the slider to look like the marketing images used for the theme. I’m looking for one image, not even a slider, that goes the full width of the home page and doesn’t have a title affixed to it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Here’s what my landing page looks like:
    But here’s what I’m going for as far as an image:

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    The theme’s screenshot (and demo site) use the the theme’s landing page feature, which includes a dedicated slider section.
    On (static) pages (and posts for that matter) the inner content is always limited to the configurable confines of the theme’s layout and content cannot overflow/expand beyond those limits without additional styling.

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