How to change formatting of boxes on frontpage

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    Hi there,

    eventually I found a very flexible theme I am happy with.

    However, there are two minors design questions I cannot solve on my own:

    1) On the FrontPage/presentation page I am showing four boxes. The title is written in CAPS by default theme setup. How do I change this? In contrary to slider setup there is no checkbox to un-tick “All CAPS”.
    2) The contents shown in the boxes are not exactly as the posts. I amended the single.php with some code to display the estimated reading time. It works perfect on the post page, unfortunately the estimates reading time is not shown in the box. In FrontPage.php I cannot find anything to amend.
    3) Same issue for rows on FrontPage.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards


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    body .column-header-image {
        text-transform: none;

    2) & 3) The columns display the excerpts. If you’d use a filter on the post_excerpt then it would automatically appear in both places without needing file changes.

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    1) works perfect. Thx!

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