How to change font for the entire theme?

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    Hi guys! I found fluida recently and decided immediately that it was the theme I’ve been looking for. It looks very simple but beautiful. There’re lots other things that you can customize, which is another reason why I love it.
    And here comes the problem. The theme looks good in English, but I want to use Chinese, since my friends and me live in China. Obviously the default fonts are not designed for Chinese and they look ugly. I tried to modify style.css and add Chinese fonts, “Microsoft YaHei” for example, to all the font-family things. However, it doesn’t seem to change anything.

    This is how I set font-family:
    font-family: Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, STXihei, “华文细黑”, “Microsoft YaHei”, “微软雅黑”, SimSun, “宋体”, Heiti, “黑体”, sans-serif;

    Here is a screenshot of my site:

    I am thinking if you guys can tell me what’s wrong and how I can make it work. It will help me greatly if you guys show me how. Looking forward to your reply.


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    The theme lets you use either theme fonts (which are standard system fonts or the theme embeds itself) or Google fonts (which are loaded from Google’s Fonts service).

    To use your own fonts you technically have to embed them in the site (even if you use a font that you have and looks fine on your computer, other devices that do not have that font file will see a fallback font instead).
    Embedding is done by first preparing the font files for the web, then including them on the site and lastly applying them to specific elements you want them on (with CSS).

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