How I can show English slider on my website?

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    I use a Serious Slider on two of my websites:

    1. – it works brilliant (there are 5 languages and 5 different sliders accordingly there), but this site was made by other developer
    2. – I made this site by myself and now have the following problem:

    this website has 2 languages – Ukrainian (base) and English. For this moment it shows Ukrainian slider only both in Ukrainian and English parts. I created a separate slider with 4 slides for the English part. I can’t find a place in the back-end where I can show English slider with English website version. I tried to do it via widgets, but nothing.

    Could you advise how I can fix it?

    Thanks in advance.


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    When you are including the slider in the content or elsewhere, you need to call the correct slider for the appropriate language. In the content this is simpler because you have two (or more) versions of the same post or page that display the different content according to language.

    In the theme’s dedicated landing page slider location you’ll need to switch the option to use slider shortcode instead of the built-in slider selection. Then, depending on the multilanguage plugin you use you should be able to use different shortcodes (with different IDs) to include the appropriate slider for each language.
    Polylang and WPML do this through a feature called Strings witch which you can localize theme and plugin option fields.

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