How do You Actually Add Featured Icon Blocks?

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    I have been trying every day for over a week to add featured icon blocks to my site (with the Kahuna theme). I’ve searched for hours through these forums and YouTube and LinkedIn Learning and other documentation and have found absolutely nothing (besides references to out-of-date plugins that don’t work any more).

    I love how the sample Kahuna home page looks on WordPress (with the main heading and featured icon blocks below). That is what I’m shooting for.

    I’m not sure why my blocks are not displaying. I have gone into CUSTOMIZE >> LANDING PAGE (yes, it is set to a static homepage) >> FEATURED ICON BLOCKS. I have filled in both the SECTION TITLE and SECTION DESCRIPTION with information. And I have linked 3 blocks to 3 separate pages on my site (yes, they are pages and NOT posts).

    But nothing appears on my homepage.

    Anyone have any pointers as to why my featured icon blocks are not showing up?

    (My site is not finished and has not been made public)

    Cryout Creations Team

    Are other landing page sections (slider, boxes, text areas) displayed on the site?

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    In response, yes. I just confirmed that the other sections work perfectly. I was able to set up a slider, different text areas, etc. But nothing appears for the featured icon blocks.

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