How do I get rid of the Elementor page title

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    When I edit with Elementor, I get an Elementor #????? page title above the one I actually want to use. I think this is to do with the H1.entry.title setting? If so, their documentation says I need to enter my theme’s alternative selector.

    Can you help with this? Do you think this is the problem, and if so, what selector info should I put in? Would changing this apply only to the page I’m editing with Elementor? I’d hate to lose all headers!
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    OK. So I’ve sorted that. Can anyone tell me, though, whether Parabola is actually compatible with Elementor before I waste any more time?


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    One could ask the reverse as well: is Elementor compatible with Parabola?

    Two extensions need to be aware of each other to work together correctly if they modify each other’s functionality. Since the theme does not modify any of the plugin’s functionality, it is the plugin that needs to be compatible with the theme, or be configurable and be able to have its processes adjusted to work in most cases.

    There are thousands of themes and hundreds of content-related plugins (including page-builders) in the .org repository alone. It’s impossible for all of them to be aware of each other or compatible out-of-the-box.

    If the plugin asks for element identifiers to properly perform its functions, then those identifiers should be set. Even then, due to the multiple ways a theme can work and behave in, compatibility still cannot be guaranteed.

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