How do i edit the content of the Presentation Page

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    I have been asked to maintain a website that was created using WordPress and the Tempera theme.
    I did not create the site.
    The creator of the site has used the presentation page option for the ‘home’ page and there is lots of text there.
    When I create sites with WordPress, I usually set my home page as a ‘static front page’ so it is easy to edit.
    I have never used a ‘presentation page’ so I do not know how I would edit it if necessary in the future.

    Any constructive advice welcome.

    Thank you.



    I have managed to fathom this out. No replies needed – Thanks.


    Hi 🙂

    Can you tell me where you find the solution? I cant’ figure out where to edit the Presentation Page.
    As you, I am not familiar with WordPress, just Joomla.

    Kind Regards
    Tom Løkka


    I found it (blush).

    Kind regards
    Tom Løkka


    Hi Tom

    Glad you found the solution.
    One thing that I discovered is that if you need to put line breaks or paragraphs into the ‘Extra text’ field, you use html tags such as <br> and <p>



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The theme’s “Presentation Page” as administered from the theme’s settings page, under Appearance > Tempera Settings.

    The extra text fields accept basic HTML markup (to format your texts).

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