Horizontal top menu: Drops down (off the navigation area)

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    I’m using Kahuna, currently in a closed developement-enviroment.
    Boxed layout @ 1280px width.

    Viewing it at full width, everything is fine.
    Viewing my kahuna-site at a medium width (size down the browser-width), the horitontal top navigation menu exceeds the width of the top navigation area, and suddenly drops completely off that area. Now its in the static image area and becomes barely visible.

    I made two screenshot to illustrate it.

    Here is everything fine:

    Here, I reduced the browser-window-width a little, and the menu left the blue navigation area:

    Website: screenpresso.com/=zuhAe

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    For best visual results, the menu items need to fit in the available space on the target screen sizes (and before the mobile menu is activated). If the menu items are too many for the screen, they will overflow and extend beyond one row.

    Due to the complexity of the header there’s no magic fix for this yet. The solutions are to either limit the number of items to make the menu fit in one line (at least on the target screen size and larger) or activate the mobile menu earlier – when the menu no longer fits (using custom styling).

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    Thanks for the reply, Zed.
    I read it directly after you answered.
    I wasnt able to find a satisfactory solution, so I switch to another theme … to Nirvana 🙂

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