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    Hello CryOut team,
    Am using your Mantra theme with lots of pleasure, but the latest version that I am using ( gives me some headaches that won’t go away, not even with lots of coffee.
    As far as I can remember my previous version had the a slightly less wide header. This latest version has a standard header with of 1930px.
    When using pic’s (mostly family photo’s taken with our Digital Canon EOS500D) on a high resolution (4752*3168px) and using a low header height, this will result in not showing the subject of the pic. Thus resizing the Original pic to a width of 1930px would be necessary. Doing this and keeping the width/height ratio of the image equal would result in an image height of 1287px.
    But a header height of 1287px would require substantial scrolling down, before the menu and lower parts (posts or pages) are visible.
    I would like to have a lower header height and a retained width/height ratio of the image. I would not mind a smaller width of the header image, however I prefer the 1930px width of the header as it is currently.
    HOW TO….Do this?????
    Thanx in advance and keep up the good work.




    Extra info: I discovered via Filezilla FTP access to the upload map, that WP stores several different file sizes of the images that are uploaded. One of the stored image sizes is exact the size of the header with * header height. When I change the header height and upload a new image, a new file is stored with this new header height, so it seems. Nevertheless, the image is not displayed properly.

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