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    The header widget is laying on top of the logo in the mobile version. It wasn’t doing it originally when I set up the widget they were stacked perfectly but then all of a sudden changed, not sure why. The logo is on the left and the widget at 25% on the right for the desktop version. Also is there a way to change the widget permameters. I would like less then 25% so it is flush with the right side of the site


    Ive been working on my website for a few days now and I constantly check the mobile version. The widgets and boxes have stacked perfectly overtime i have checked my mobile device until last night. out of nowhere my header widget (text) now lays on top of my logo. On the the website version I have the Logo aligned on the far left and the header widget on the far right. Im not sure why they are on top of each other when viewing mobile


    tick tock, tick tock well it was a awesome theme but without fluid mobile version sort of useless, I guess on to a theme that is actually responsive. 20hrs lost, oh well.

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