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    Under Customizing ▸ Colors Colors>Header> the “Header Overlay Opacity” slider is malfunctioning! Any value greater than 0% turns the image to “grayscale” only, this also applies to the landing page using Serious Slider.

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    Since version 1.3.1 the greyscale filter is applied on the header (and static slider image) when an overlay color is used. This makes the overlay color more obvious (even at low overlay opacity values)

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    Well, indeed it “makes the overlay color more obvious” to the extent that it obliterates the original underlying image colors!

    The slider increments the opacity by 5% at a time, and even on the first 5% there is no image colors only the greyscale!

    I find it hard to imagine this was the original intent for the overlay. As of 1.3.1 with the use of the overlay the only image color is that of the overlay, whereas in the prior version the overlay functioned as a color tint to the underlying image with greater intensity as the opacity increased.

    In my humble view to introduce a greyscale filter which is not optional was a poor decision. It seems to me that if the “greyscale filter” was optional, as I believe it should be, then both the current and prior behaviors for the overlay could be accommodated.

    So I’d be obliged if this could be a future consideration. I’ve not dug into the code at this point and have no idea as to the degree of difficulty this might pose, but it would be nice if you could let us know if this is a possibility…

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