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    Ron McKinnon

    I’ve been evaluating the WordPress (4.1) Nirvana theme for a new site, and while I like it a lot, and is eminently usable as-is, a couple of improvements come to mind:

    1. There is a #wrapper entity, which encloses one each of #topbar, #header-full, and #main. It would be helpful if there was an inner wrapper, say wrapper-inner that enclosed, say, #header-full and #main. This would then be: #wrapper { #topbar, #wrapper-inner { #header-full, #main }}.

    2. In particular I would like to set up a margin around #wrapper-inner, a 1px padding, and a 1px border, as well as a box-shadow #888; The margin around #wrapper-inner would accommodate this box-shadow. I can do this (almost) by CSS already — except that the #main entity goes over to the right-side of the window, whereas the #header (remains) in the center. A wrapper-inner entity would resolve this problem and make the CSS simpler.

    3. Customization options for these wrapper-inner margins (added to the shadow-offset specifications), padding, border, and shadow color would be nice, too, while you’re at it….

    4. An additional customization option would be to provide a background-color customization option for the #footer and #footer2 entities.

    5. Shortcodes don’t execute in the footer, or slider (et al?) this would be nice.

    6. It would be helpful as well to have a [year] shortcode(?) or some other way to specify the current year in copyright notices in the footer (et al). (I know there are WP plugins that do this, but I keep adding on and adding on, which adds to the complexity — and its ‘almost’ there already!

    Best Regards,

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