Had to revert to 2.3.1

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    Michael Walden
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    After the update to 2.3.2 many things on our site were suddenly out of alignment. Large empty spaces in the middle of a page suddenly appeared and there were some strange displays in the admin bar, the word “read” appeared on the far left just under the admin bar.

    Unfortunately I didn’t get any screenshots before reverting

    Website: thelemicknights.org

    Michael Walden
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    I went through the update process again just to make sure and got the same results…here are a couple screen shots:

    This one shows the weird header thing

    This one shows the large blank space that suddenly appeared. It looks like something made the height of the slider plugin much larger (note the circles toward the bottom of the blank space which are part of the slider plugin.)


    The word “read” is because of a mistype in functions.php. Delete the word “read” (first word in the file) and it’s gone!

    Torsten Meyer
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    I had the same problems as you. Now, v2.3.2.1 is out and fixes the problems.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Sorry about that, 2.3.2 was doing some unwanted output which caused issues with page redirects (and dashboard functionality). The current release corrected it.

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    Michael Walden
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    Thank you!

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