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    Whenever I do an SEO check on my website activecaribbeantravel.com the report tells me I have no H1 tag set for the homepage.

    How do I add an H1 tag to my Homepage (Parabola Presentation Page)?

    Do I simply wrap the –> Extra Text “Top Title” with <h1> …xxx… </h1>, or will that simply show up as text on my homepage?

    Help appreciated.


    Website: activecaribbeantravel.com


    Cryout Creations Team

    On the homepage the theme uses the H1 tag on the site title (since that’s the most important bit of text on the homepage). Since you are not using the site title, the tag is missing.

    I suggest trying to re-enable the site title on the site; you can then hide it on other site sections with CSS:

    body div#site-title {
       display: none;

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    Hi Zed,

    You say that I am not using the “Site Title”… Can I use the Site Title by changing the Parabola Settings –> Header Settings –> Site Header… enabling the “Site Title & Description”? If so, I did that.

    Am I correct to assume that Search Engines will now pick-up my Site Title from my text in my Parabola Settings –> Presentation Page Settings –> Extra Text –> Top Title?

    If not, I need some help pointing me to the correct method…

    * Also * I just noticed another problem… The text from my Parabola Settings –> Presentation Page Settings –> Extra Text –> Top Title… is not showing on my website. An older version of my Top Title is still showing instead. and no, this is not a “clear browser/cookies” issue.

    Do I need to open a new ticket for this problem?

    Please advise / Thanks,


    Website: activecaribbeantravel.com


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    Hi Zed,

    More info regarding the Home Page Title problem…

    It appears that when I first visit my website (from my laptop) on a particular day, the correct Home Page Title is displayed, however as soon as I visit any random page on my site then return to the Home page, the older version of my Title displays!

    I hope this helps,



    Website: activecaribbeantravel.com

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