fubar'd in Internet Explorer, safaria nd mobile view

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    Hi all

    I updated to the latest version of Mantra yesterday and all hell broke loose. It does not display properly in anything other than chrome. Please help me, someone.


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Did you restore the older version?

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    I think my problem may be related. I run three sites, http://www.militarymodels.co.nz, http://www.wwimodeller.co.nz and http://www.wwiimodeller.co.nz. Exact same settings on all three sites. WWIModeller and WWIIModeller no problems (so far). Militarymodels only works completely in Chrome. In Explorer, Firefox and Safari several widgets dissapear from the left sidebar (including categories and links) on the home page but appear on other pages. When the categories widget does appear the category links then only show posts up until the end of May.
    Don’t get why it only effects one site.


    Update. I think I may have found a plug-in that was causing the problem “User Login”. Deactivating that has partly fixed the problem, will give it a day and see if everything else comes right.

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