Force menu to hide in mobile landscape mode

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    Hi, I’ve created a staging site and would like to hide the menu in landscape mode when the website is viewed using a mobile browser. You’ll need a passcode to enter.

    Currently tested with a Samsung S20+ on Android 11 with chrome version 89.0.4389.105

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    There is no perfect CSS method of targeting browsers depending on the medium they run on (mobile/table/desktop). Generally, CSS is able to target devices depending on screen size:
    Browser detection is usually done with JS or through code, and even then it isn’t perfect since browser useragent strings can be manipulated.

    For a mobile device in landscape mode you’d want to target a screen size between the largest portrait mode you want the menu to remain visible on and the smallest desktop you’d also want a menu visible one. This approach is bound to overlap some less common situations (like tables in portrait mode or ultra portable laptops).

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