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    Hey all,

    I adore the Tempera theme, but something has come up that’s an oddity. My web-site is, and within the last week or so, the Post Title and Widget Title fonts will not load correctly. They should be Bebas Neue, but they’re coming up as a serif font for some reason.

    If you click through to a next page, it will sometimes fix itself, other times not. I’ve tried simply re-saving the theme options, and that sometimes fixes it for a day or two, and then issue happens again. Any fix ideas?

    Thanks, have a great week!


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The bundled fonts are loaded from the theme’s files. If the issue is intermittent, it may be either browser or server-related.
    When you’re still encountering missing fonts, check the server logs and the browser’s console for any messages about missing or unloaded files.

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