Fluida Primary Navigation background color issues

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    This is a little hard to explain, and the problem shifts around depending on the width do the viewing screen. I have three drop downs on my Fluida primary navigation. When the drop downs are extended, the top links are “covered” by the what looks like an “extension” of other links background colors. In the case of the “Web Stuff” link item, two or three sub menu items are covered over by what looks like the white background from other top level links.

    To discover this I experimented by changing the header background color and saw the problem. It is now changed back. The primary menu also extends down “over” the slider.

    Any help will be appreciated. My site’s URL is noted below. Thank you.

    Website: www.lipera.com

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    Update: After experimenting with the header problem I mentioned above, I discovered that the header background color “covers” the primary menu drop down items when those menu items are on the top row. Drop down item on the lower second row are not affected. In addition, the header background color “covers” the upper portion of the slider.

    When I set the background color to transparent by removing the hex value the drop downs and the full slider can be seen.

    I am stil not sure how to solve the problem.

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