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    I trying to build a website on Fluida and need some things to do if its possible of course.

    1) Post thumbnails are cropped in responzive, cropped version dont care if it’s one /2 /3 column, of course i regenerate thumbnails. Any idea?

    2) POST META:
    a) Can’t disable this rotation effect, same as comment etc..
    b) Why category is under post title, looks like hallowen.
    c) Category + Comment has bad icons, specially comments like a “file” yay.
    Good solution to make same post like on landing page only thumbnail with hover excerpt+read more effect, looks much better.

    3) Comments are separated with post content yay.

    Thanks for answer 😉

    TEST Page: http://evolvegame.funsite.cz/novinky/ you can see cropped thumbnails.

    Website: evolvegame.funsite.cz

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