fluida is behaving badly

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    i did a test. created a subdomain, installed wp 4.8 and fluida 1.3.4
    got the same problems.
    headings in a post do not show correctly.
    widget does not edit

    not me, it’s fluida.

    Website: politicsrecycled.com


    On my website, the text in the slider is no longer optimized in mobile version as it was before …. is it the same for you? what can I do ?


    I solved some problem by downgrading both my wp to 4.7.x and fluida. I don’t have a copy of the one previous to current, it has bugs, when combined with wp 4.8 there appear to be problems. try these solutions.

    Website: politicsrecycled.com


    would like a copy of Fluida 1.3.3 to try for heading problems. His update states they did something to headings.

    Website: politicsrecycled.com


    WYSIWIG part of tinyMCE is gone too

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