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    Hi, I have installed Serious Slider on your theme Fluida. No matter what I do the first slide is reduced in size in full page mode leaving a white boarder although the other slides are full column width. In tablet or mobile mode no problem. This problem arises with your sample slider as well as my own slider. I noticed this first with my own slider and thought it might be a problem with the thumbnails but regenerating makes no difference. I have swapped the order of the slides but the issue appears to be with the first slide and not specific to an image (each time it comes round not just when launched).
    Any thoughts please?


    I am now wondering if it is a browser problem. I am working with Windows 10 and Edge. As an experiment I checked the site on a Mac using Safari and the slider displayed perfectly! If you can confirm this is a browser problem I will be relieved but this will obviously need to be sorted. Theme looks great on large Mac screen….


    It appears that this issue only appears in the customisation view. As my site is work in progress I havent published it yet but relied on the customisation view, the site view is working perfectly.

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