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    a few weeks ago my Website (www.manime.de) has made a relaunch with the Theme called “Valenti” from codetipi. The Theme was paid, but it has some good features which is also possible to do with your nirvana-theme. BUT there are some features, which your Theme “Nirvana” can´t do it.

    On my newest blog (http://www.screenhunters.de/), I´m using your theme “Nirvana”, which was choosen a long time ago, and its really great.I don´t want to install the paid theme, because I want to have a different style and the settings here are also great.

    But I really want to have some different styles for the featured image in a post. Following style would be possible:

    – Standard (like now)
    – Full Width
    – Background
    – Parallax

    It is possible to have some featured image style in nirvana-style?

    Best regards.


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